Real estate market of Ukraine during the war

Ukrainians are gradually getting used to the idea that the war with Russia is taking a long time and they have to live in completely new realities. Many have realized that there will be no return to the way of life “before February 24, 2022”. Reality has changed dramatically, and these changes have affected absolutely all spheres of life.

Before the war, many people planned to buy a home, an apartment or country house. People have invested in housing construction or chosen ready-made options in the primary or secondary real estate market, depending on their own financial capabilities, needs and desires of the family or individuals.

The tragic shock that Ukraine experienced on February 24, 2022, instantly halted a significant part of the economy. The state immediately closed the real estate register for security reasons, making it impossible to buy or sell any housing or non-residential buildings.

Awareness of the duration of hostilities is gradually forcing people to take matters into their own hands and look for ways to survive and think about the future after the Victory.

The economy withstands critical burdens and irreparable losses during the war, not to mention human losses, this is an extremely painful issue. We no longer hope for the same level of earnings and general standard of living as before the war. But we must continue to raise children, improve our lives. Including construction, purchase of housing, opening a new business or adapting an existing business to new conditions.

What changes in the primary and secondary real estate market are typical for Ukraine during the war?

The real estate market of Ukraine during the war is not yet fully operational, but we are already seeing some movements in the market: gradually rising the demand for rental housing, including rental homes outside the city, around Kiev in particular. Living outside the metropolis is an additional factor of survival: it is known that in terms of the probability of enemy attacks, rural and suburban areas are much safer. There are no large crowds of targets for enemy attacks, no important infrastructure. The dispersion of buildings is an additional security factor.

Resuming housing construction in safe regions of Ukraine is an important step towards economic recovery.

Realtors, developers, owners of secondary housing are waiting for the opening of the real estate register in the territories controlled by the Ukrainian state.

The expectation of launching mortgage programs adds optimism to Ukrainians who expect to buy an apartment or house on credit at low interest rates (at the level of 3-5% in UAH).

National and international housing reconstruction programs for those who lost their property as a result of the war will help revive the construction market. These are jobs, employment, taxes and turnover in the country’s economy.

What will be the prices for country houses after the war?

Infrastructural losses of the country have already caused the rise in price of construction materials and works. Rising fuel prices are just one of the many factors that affect all prices.

There is an intention to oblige developers to equip all new buildings with bomb shelters. This is a vital necessity, but such structural improvements will also affect the cost per square meter of housing.

Obviously, the demand for certain types of housing will change. An apartment or a house for a family will be in trend. Reputable developers understand the future needs of Ukrainians and focus on building compact, comfortable family housing using energy-saving technologies: rising energy prices make people think about future utility bills at the stage of buying or investing in housing construction, even if the family income is stable now.

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