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Houses for sale: Kyiv region, Boryspil district

Today, the Ukrainian real estate market offers many opportunities to buy a house. Kyiv region is among the market leaders in terms of the number of offers on both the primary and secondary markets.

Boryspil district has advantages for those who want to buy a house in the Kyiv region as a permanent residence for the family, and not just as a summer cottage.
First of all, it is ecology: the mixed forests of the Boryspil district are Kyiv city green lungs, surrounding the city limits from the southwest.

The border of Boryspil District from the east and south runs along the Dnipro River, and the entire coastline is cut by numerous bays, small and larger in size. Many cottages are located on their shores, because they are great places for summer vacations: sandy beaches on the Dnieper with white sand attract families with children, elderly retirees, and avid fishermen of any age. From the ecological point of view, the southern part of the Kyiv region is cleaner compared to the northern part adjacent to the Chernobyl zone. Therefore, buying a house in the south of the Kyiv region is a completely reasonable decision. These places are great not only for building summer cottages, but also for homes for permanent residence.

The modern trend is the construction of organized and equipped cottage villages, rather than the chaotic placement of individual cottages in the middle of a village or town. The creation of a common living space, which is comfortable, cozy and safe, is the mainstream among the best developers of the Kyiv region. Buying a house in such a cottage village is the optimal solution for a number of reasons: safety, easier maintenance, and it is a matter of quality of life.