Rent house near Kiev






Do you want to rent a house near Kyiv? Best deals for you

Many families want to rent a house in the Kyiv region for a long time or just for the summer. A house near Kyiv is the most convenient housing, and it is better to rent it for those who do not plan to buy yet.

If you decide where it is better to rent a house near Kyiv, it makes sense to consider offers in Zoloche.

New houses 15 minutes drive from Kyiv, just put into operation, are available for rent with a complete renovation, ready to move in.

Modern design, high quality construction, well-developed infrastructure and 24/7 security distinguish Zoloche from other numerous offers of cottages, houses and villas for long-term rent around Kyiv.

Renting a house outside Kyiv on the water

A special highlight of Zoloche is the opportunity to rent a house near Kyiv right on the water: this is our exclusive, and in demand both for the summer and for the whole year.

Renting a house on the water is an excellent option for those who are attracted by the picturesque views of the Dnieper Bay, fresh river air, a sense of spaciousness and the romance of life on the water. You can get to Kyiv by water on your own water transport or our water taxi in just 15 minutes.

The houses on the water are let for rent fully furnished and equipped. Modern interior design and the latest household appliances — all the amenities for you, for a comfortable and healthy life surrounded by wild nature.

If you have special requirements, or if the offers on the site are not enough for you, contact us and we will help you rent exactly the house you dream of.