Safety and security issues are one of the most important for ensuring a comfortable country life. Zoloche took care of security at the highest level.

Безпека родина Золоче Сервісне обслуговування Золоче

Our own professional security service guards the peace of Zoloche residents around the clock:

  • Security posts at the entrance to the cottage town Zoloche work around the clock.
  • CCTV cameras are installed on the streets and in public places throughout the 100 hectares of the territory of the cottage town, in total more than 500 cameras.

    • Each Zoloche residential area is assigned a rapid response security vehicle, which patrols the streets around the clock according to the schedule. There is also a foot patrol on Zoloche streets.
    • Additionally, each house can be armed with a security console.
    • There is a guard post at the entrance to the Dnieper Bay from the high water side. On the shores of the bay Riviera Zoloche and Riviera Zoloche DeLuxe, rental area, RZ Resort & Spa are situated. Yachts, boats, other watercraft of residents and guests are under round-the-clock protection.

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Complete safety for residents

Feeling secure is an important part of a comfortable life

Zoloche residents can be sure that when their children return from school or walk on the street, they are completely safe.

When women with children stay at home, when the owners go on vacation and leave the house for a long time, when residents peacefully rest at night - they know that the lives of their loved ones, their property, their cars are under reliable protection.

Without attracting the attention of residents and guests of Zoloche, our security service discreetly but effectively takes care 24/7 of the calm and comfortable, safe life of adults and children, as well as security of property, including vehicles.

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