New real estate in the Kyiv region overview

There are good reasons to buy real estate not in the capital of Ukraine, but in the Kyiv region, just near Kyiv, as close to the city as possible. The distance to the center of Kyiv is a key factor determining the attractiveness of the real estate object both on the primary market, i.e. new, and on the secondary market, i.e. resale, not new real estate.

On the eve of the great war, in 2020-2021, the demand for new residential real estate in the Kyiv region began to grow rapidly: the Covid-19 restrictions moved the work of many businesses online, and many people had the opportunity to work at home, without daily trips to the office. The same with schooling. Therefore, moving from Kyiv to the suburban area became an attractive idea for many wealthy families.

From February 24, 2022, everything stopped, the real estate registers were closed for several months, and only at the end of the summer of 2022 some sales began to appear on the market.

In recent months, people have become more interested in real estate in the Kyiv region. This is motivated by security issues, the internal movement of a large number of people from the eastern regions of Ukraine closer to Kyiv, where they can find work and new opportunities to arrange their lives.

Currently, the demand for real estate near Kyiv, as well as in the capital itself, largely depends on the psychological factor: fears, insecurity, uncertainty prevent people from buying, the situation can be described in one word as “waiting”. The market froze in anticipation of good news about victory, success at the front, and deoccupation of Ukrainian lands.

As soon as this happens, we can hope for a quick recovery of theKyiv region real estate market. And so far, the number of sales agreements is within 15% of the level before February 24, 2022.

What factors make real estate in the Kyiv region attractive?

  • Price. Buying a house near Kyiv will be much cheaper than buying a private house within the urban line of the capital.
  • Distance to the center of Kyiv, if convenient routes are available. It is not even the number of kilometers that is important, but the ability to get quickly to the center by car. An ideal example is a straight, not congested road from Koncha-Zaspa with a small number of traffic lights directly to Pechersk.
  • Better ecology. This is an important, although not the primary factor, because of which people choose the Kyiv region as their place of residence, rather than a noisy, polluted metropolis. For health, living outside the city is definitely more beneficial. Peace and quiet, pictures of nature have a positive effect on the nervous system and reduce stress.
  • Real estate near Kyiv is more energy independent. A private house gives the owner the space to use alternative energy sources (stoves and fireplaces, solar panels, pellet boilers, heat pumps, etc.), as well as use a gasoline generator when needed.

What the primary real estate market of the Kyiv region offers

As for apartments, in small satellite cities, in urban-type villages around the capital, you can buy a one- or two-room apartment in a low-rise new building quite favorably. Budget apartments (the price does not exceed $1,000 per square meter) on low floors are in demand among immigrants from the eastern regions. It is not only convenient to get to Kyiv for work, but there are many opportunities to find a job right in the suburban area of the capital or even start your own small business here.

As for new private houses with plots of land in the Kyiv region (completely ready or for interior decoration), buyers are mostly looking for objects with functionally designed areas around 200 square meters. The choice is determined by the price of real estate and the amount of future operating costs, in particular, for heating in winter. The area of the land plot around the house is also important: the optimal size is 8-12 acres.

A good example of such a cottage development is the Zoloche Vesuviy residential quarter, where the price/quality ratio, the area of houses and plots meet the demands of Ukrainians today, and the developed infrastructure, security, the modern architectural style and the quality of the building add motivation to buy real estate right here, right near Kyiv. Zoloche cottage village is territorially located exactly within the distance from the capital, which makes it the most desirable place for families. You can get to the Slavutych metro station within 15 minutes by car, and there is also river transport: you can get to Zoloche by water taxi, the same 15 minutes from the right bank of the Dnieper river.

Access to the water: the Dnipro bay, Zoloche lake are special attractions of Zoloche cottage village. Here you can enjoy the views with water everywhere: from the quays, from the mooring for boats and yachts, from your own window or plot. In the summer, you can also swim and relax by the water. Sand beaches and outdoor pools are available for residents.

Elite real estate near Kyiv is going through probably the worst times. Large luxury mansions of premium class with land plots of more than 15 – 30 acres have fallen in price the most, and demand for them has decreased dramatically. The primary and secondary market of such real estate has frozen until better times. And this applies not only to the Kyiv region, but to Ukraine as a whole.

However, even for expensive real estate, a buyer will be found in due time. In the meantime, you can arrange to view houses, inquire about prices for residential real estate around Kyiv. Gathering information will help you choose a house project that best meets the needs of your family and find the place that will be the best for you.

As a conclusion: new residential real estate in the Kyiv region, which can be bought inexpensively without intermediaries from a developer, within 15 km distance from the capital, is the priority of buyers today. Developers willingly provide such favorable terms as installments, credit at the time of purchase to revive the market, and buyers get the opportunity to move into a new home right now, without spending time on repairs and reconstruction of the old homes.

Big city or countryside. What it more comfortable for a family with children to live?

Actually, this is not a secondary question. Modern realities force us to think about security, livelihood, autonomous life of the family in energy crisis conditions.

A country house has many opportunities that are not available in a city apartment: build your own bomb shelter, connect a gasoline generator in case of power outages, heat the house with a wood stove, install a solid fuel boiler and not depend on gas supply. That is, to provide your family with the necessary comfort under any conditions.

The ecological aspect is also very important in view of the healthy conditions for the new generation’s growth. It’s no secret that it is better and healthier to breath fresh air (both for children and adults)than automotive exhaust gas and the city smog. Some children have medical indications to avoid the bad ecology of the metropolis.

Silence outside the window at night, birdsong in the morning is much better for normal rest and recovery than constant noise from cars, loud sounds of the city in the middle of the night. Some older people are particularly sensitive to such stimuli and the lack of normal sleeping conditions has a very negative effect on health. This problem is becoming more and more relevant for Kyiv every year due to the high density of buildings and the increase in traffic flows.

From cradle to adulthood

For a family with little children, staying outside the city is an ideal situation, without a doubt. Especially if the issues of medical care are settled, and a pediatrician is available at any time if necessary. The little one grows up in the fresh air, spending a lot of time outdoors, and not in the middle of concrete skyscrapers.

But when the time comes to send children to school, questions arise: parents are looking for better options, the nearest village school does not always meet the needs and requests of the family regarding the education quality. It is very difficult to take a child to school 10-20 kilometers every day: both schoolchildren and parents get tired.

This issue is resolved In the cottage town of Zoloche. Zoloche International School with a kindergarten is a high-standard European educational institution that provides all opportunities for a child from 3 years of age to secondary school age. All extracurricular clubs are also here, parents and children choose what to do: sports, music, hobbies.
In the summer vacation time, a fun and noisy children’s camp is located in a picturesque park in the middle of a cottage town.

So there is no need to travel often outside Zoloche! The developer took care of all residents’ needs at the stage of designing and construction and created a developed infrastructure according to the best European standards. Shops, restaurants, cafes, a fitness club, a spa, a beauty salon are also here. As well as access to postal, banking, and medical services.

My home is my fortress

The issue of housing security is among the top priorities.Closed guarded residential area is a big advantage for private housing. Only in such conditions can you rest assured that your children are safe when they walk outside or leave school. And the house is constantly under guard when you are at work or on vacation. Zoloche security service patrols the streets of the town 24/7, and security points are located at all entrances, so unauthorized entry of criminals can be avoided.

A family nest is an eternal dream and an urgent need

Ukrainians who want to live happily in their free and independent country increasingly come to the conclusion that the family should be large, with many children, and each child should grow up in love and prosperity. Every kid must have enough personal space, see the beauty around him, have a territory to play and to study. And the most important thing is communication, family, love, native home. Simple and eternal values, traditions that are learned from an early age.

A family home where several generations from the youngest to the oldest live, should be cozy and reliable, comfortable and modern, safe and spacious at the same time. This is a completely different atmosphere than in a city apartment, a different quality of life. Choose the best for your family, because you are worth it!

How to ensure an uninterrupted electricity supply in your home

Due to the aggression of the Russian Federation in 2022, Ukrainians in almost all regions suffer because of infrastructure destructions after the bombings. In particular, emergency power outages disrupt both business processes and complicate our normal daily life.

How to keep your home in a functional state, how to ensure at least minimal comfort during power outages? Let’s consider options for the emergency energy supply for a private house.

Regular gasoline generator

The price starts from UAH 10,000 for the smallest capacity of about 1 kW. A gasoline generator makes noise, absorbs much fuel. It щзукфеуі the same mode regardless of how much power you currently consume. It does not save fuel, even if you have connected a few devices and currently consume less than its nominal power. With a gasoline generator your freezer will not defrost, the automatic gas boiler for heating will work and the chandelier in the house will light up.

Inverter gasoline generator

It is about a third more expensive than a regular gasoline generator, but it is more flexible and able to reduce its power automatically if devices connected consume little. It makes much less noise and produces a higher quality electric current than a regular gasoline generator, which is important for modern gadgets and sensitive to voltage surges equipment. Standard inverter gasoline generators are sold with power in the range of 2 – 6.5 kW. It is quite enough to provide the main needs of the house during outages.

There are automatic inverter generators that start independently in case of significant voltage fluctuations in the power grid. And your critical home equipment works right away. In the same way, such an inverter generator will automatically return the mains power as soon as the voltage supply to the network is restored. The price, accordingly, is much higher.

Solar batteries

These are semiconductor converters of solar ultraviolet rays into electrical energy. Environmentally friendly, although not cheap.

Homeowners who have previously installed solar panels for their home now have a significant advantage.

A solar station for several houses or for a cottage town usually goes under the “green tariff”. It provides autonomy, saves money and is environment friendly.

Companies installing solar equipment will help you calculate how many solar panels are needed to power a private house. But solar stations in our climate work effectively in April-September, but in December-February they are of little help, because there is not enough sun.

There are small solar panels for gadgets to charge. But they need the sun, they won’t charge your phone on a winter night.

Minimum capacity for charging gadgets

Since we currently value communication ability and the Internet more than our own comfort, we will also consider such minimal options. Uninterrupted Internet and a charged laptop it’s about earning, not about home comfort for those who work remotely.

Voltage inverter

It converts direct electric current into alternating current. The source of direct current can be an ordinary car battery. But a traction gel battery for electric motors, electric cars is better for this purpose.

Prices for a voltage inverter start from UAH 1000. depending on parameters, manufacturer, etc. It is mostly for use outside the home. You can light up the yard, but it is unlikely to create comfort in the house. Of course, it can be used to charge gadgets during power outages.

Lithium-ion battery charging station

It is quite expensive, mainly for business, for use in public places outdoors. Different models of charging stations can charge different numbers and different types of gadgets. There are solar charging stations (usually dual possibility: recharge from the sun or from the power grid). A portable charging station will provide you with light and charge gadgets outdoors and far from the home. Stations differ in battery capacity and power. Depending on the electrical devices to turn on, choose the capacity of the charging station.

Power bank

Power Bank is a device for charging mobile gadgets (with 1 or with 2 USB connectors). Another name for a power bank is an external battery.

How to survive in emergency: tell your child about the important things

After February 24, 2022, the lives of all Ukrainians changed radically. We learned to survive on our own, many learned to save others: from injuries, under bombardments, under rubble, in a humanitarian disaster.

The first thing parents want to do in an emergency is to protect their children. We always try to save. But we can’t always be physically next to each other. Therefore, it is worth teaching children the basic things that save lives in emergency situations, be it war, natural disaster, man-made disaster or any other factor. The child must be smart, prudent and clearly understand how to act. So talk to the children about it, explain, remind, model situations (a game is good for the smaller ones, more serious for the older ones). You will be calmer and keep your nerves when you understand that your children are ready for the vicissitudes of fate.

Keep calm!

The rule number 1:  don’t panic under any circumstances. Fear blocks our ability to think logically and apply the knowledge and rules learned earlier. Panic actions can only harm and cause chaos. A clear understanding of action algorithms will help the child to be confident, not to be scared and, ultimately, to save his life and health. Do not think that children are helpless and are not capable of anything without you. We know cases when preschoolers quite knowingly and successfully saved smaller children from a fire.

What to do during shelling and bombing?

Teach children to behave properly during shelling and rocket attacks.

The situation when the shelling finds the child at home, when the parents are not there: you should choose a place according to the “rule of two walls” – not near the window, but where there will be two walls between the street and the person (at home, show the child such protected places in advance). It is better to lie down than to stand.

When you are on the street, you should hide behind an obstacle (ditch, thick concrete wall) at the beginning of the shelling. Lie on the ground, cover your head, cover your ears with your hands and open your mouth to avoid concussion. You can leave the shelter no earlier than 10 minutes after the end of the attack.

Teach your child how to handle anxiety when he is not with you

Be sure to show the child all the official bomb shelters located where the child can be alone: ​​near home, school, the nearest store, etc., and teach him or her not to hesitate to go to the shelter when the siren sounds, notifying the parents immediately by phone (of course, while the child is in school, teachers will take care of safety).

It is important that the child understands which rooms are absolutely not suitable for use as storage: entrances under arches, cluttered basements of panel high-rise buildings, which can easily collapse and turn into a trap. We remind you that you cannot use the elevator!

If you live in the private sector and have your own cellar, use it as a bomb shelter only if it has been properly prepared and equipped, in particular, there is a second exit.

Stay in touch

Communication is of primary importance: of course, now every child has a mobile phone. But the connection and the Internet can disappear. If it happens, it is important to refrain from panic and excessive worries about beloved ones. Talk to your child in advance and agree on how to behave when it is not possible to call.

The child must understand which of the adults he can ask for help: to call the parents, help a child get home or to the shelter. Teach the child which people to avoid contact with (drunk, suspicious persons, people who may be dangerous).

Explain to the children what official sources of information are and why turning to policeman for help is better than to anyone else.

First aid

Teenagers can be taught first aid skills for injuries, burns, etc. Actually, children should learn this at school, but it’s good to consolidate this knowledge, to attend relevant practical training together (many free survival and first aid training are available, find them in your city). Well-learned skills will last for years, and maybe one day your child will save someone’s life.

Modern house design: trends in Ukraine

Before planning the construction of our own house, or when intending to buy a ready-made house, we are usually interested in house design. Looking for ready-made designs on the Internet we choose one which meets the needs of our own family. Other people’s experience, the best improvements will help to determine the requirements for future housing, because a home is not clothes or shoes: it will not work to throw it away and buy a new one, and rebuilding is expensive and difficult. It is better to develop clear requirements and formulate your needs, dreams, aspirations and find optimal solutions.

What projects of private cottages do Ukrainians prefer nowdays? We analyzed people’s preferences and identified 4 points that people pay attention to when choosing a home design for development or when buying a ready-made house.

Typical requirements for a modern private house design


All premises must be such that they are actually used by the family. The construction of multi-story palaces with meaningless towers and empty halls is no longer in trend. Around Kyiv, you can see many 3-4 story buildings, the upper floors of which the owners have not climbed for years. Currently, practical one- and two-story houses are in demand, for example, such a house design with an area of ​​slightly more than 200 m² with 2 bedrooms, where there is everything necessary for a comfortable life and there are no extravagances. The optimal size of the land plot is 8-12 acres, that is the area sufficient for a private residence.

Energy saving

Modern building materials allow to build in such a way that the owners do not have to spend huge amounts on house heating. Insulated walls and roofs do not heat the environment, and energy-saving windows guarantee that the house is warm in winter and the heat will not be lost through the windows. Two-chamber double-glazed windows with a “warm frame” have lower thermal conductivity and a reduced risk of condensation.


This is about the adaptability of house interaction with inhabitants. In other words, it is about the convenience of the house in everyday life. The location of kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living rooms, transitions, corridors, stairs, utility rooms should be such as to create maximum comfort for everyone: for small, adult and elderly residents of the house. To be ergonomic, the appropriate properties must be specified at the stage of the house design. It is worth reviewing a number of successful projects, add your own life experience and preferences and clearly defining what a comfortable home is exactly in your understanding. We recomend to visit several ready-made houses for sale in order to “try on” one or another home design.

Modern style design

Beauty and style is an important part of a comfortable life as all the points listed above. Ukrainians have long been accustomed to decorate their homes as nicely as possible. Once these were freshly whitewashed country houses and elegant estates. Currently, suburban buildings abound in a variety of styles, but residential neighborhoods united by a single architectural style as in Zoloche cottage town look most harmonious. This creates image, mood, spirit and allows us to avoid chaos and disproportions. In Zoloche Vesuvius and RZ DeLuxe residential areas various building designs are united into a single architectural ensemble with a common style of facades and roofs, fences and landscaping.

Everyone feels more comfortable and calm In a harmonious space. It helps relieve stress and relax. We need comfort, a sense of security and privacy at home. Choose a house design thoroughly and carefully. Every Ukrainian family deserves the best sweet home, at last.

How to heat a private house when there is no gas supply

Will Ukrainians be warm in winter? The issue is very relevant and concerns every Ukrainian. The russia-Ukrainian war, significant destruction of infrastructure in the frontline towns and villages, gas blackmail from the aggressor country forced people and the authorities to look for the best solutions on how to provide heat to their homes next winter.

A private country house has a significant advantage over a city apartment in that even when the gas supply and central heating are disconnected, there are completely acceptable options for emergency heating of a private cottage.

Alternative heating options for private houses

Ukrainian traditional clay oven

The traditional Ukrainian oven is a priceless legacy of our ancestors. For centuries, the oven warmed, fed, and gave comfort in the home to both adults and children. Now you can also find a real rustic oven in a modern house, but this considerable structure must be designed from the beginning and put on the construction stage. The entire interior of the house must be designed in ethnic style so that the oven looks harmonious inside the dwelling.

It’s very hard to install a clay oven in the inhabited house. But there are other solutions that do not require radical reconstruction.

Solid fuel boiler

A solid fuel boiler that can work on any type of solid fuel is a civilized, economical and energy effective alternative. You can use firewood, pellets, briquettes, sawdust, coal, pressed shavings, peat, that is, everything that burns.

Solid fuel boilers are available in all models — from the most primitive to the most modern, equipped with sophisticated automation that not only regulates the temperature regime, but also is maximum energy saving. A small diesel generator is enough for such a boiler in the event of a power outage — and you are not afraid even of a complete blackout.

If there are no problems with gas supply, a solid fuel boiler can save money on heating the house, if the price of natural gas for the population will still increase significantly.

You can install a solid fuel boiler in the same room where the gas boiler is located, and if necessary, switch the house from one boiler to another. This is a perfectly acceptable technical solution.


Fireplaces in the living rooms of modern private houses are made more for atmosphere and interior rather than for heating. But the fireplace is also a heat source, which requires some firewood. But the heat will spread only to the room where the fireplace is located, and will not reach other rooms. The energy efficiency of the fireplace is quite low: heat from a regular fireplace mostly escapes into the chimney.

There is a cheaper substitute for a fireplace — an electric fireplace, but it is, in fact, an ordinary electric home heater, decorated to match the fireplace.


A modern and rather expensive type of Canadian caloric stove — Buleryan is not only a fashionable accessory, but also an energy-efficient source of heating, aesthetic, elegant and atmospheric. Put a few wooden logs on the stove and the living room is filled with reflections of a live fire and cozy warmth. The fire-resistant glass of Buleryans allows you to admire the dance of flame to your heart’s content. Buleryan pipes create air convection in the room, thus effectively heating the entire house volume, from 100 to more than 1000 square meters. Buleryan is the most efficient autonomous heat source for a private house and one of the main elements of the loft style in the interior, which is currently fashionable.

Additional heating

There are various ways of additional heating of a private house in the winter season. These are warm floors, infrared heaters and a wide range of modifications of traditional electric heaters. But in the event of a power outage, they will not be useful, unlike a stove, fireplace, buleryan, which will save you from the cold.

Owners of country cottages, private houses in cities should think about how to heat the house in winter, if it is impossible or expensive to heat with gas.

So Ukrainians should be aware of all the possibilities and take care in advance about alternative methods of heating private country houses in the difficult winter season of 2022-2023.

As practice has shown, you should always be prepared for the worst scenario so that disaster does not catch you by surprise. And then the whole family, children, and old people will survive the hard winter in warmth and comfort.

A bomb shelter in a private house: useful tips and life hacks

New realities during martial law dictate new rules of life. A new provision of the law has already entered into force, which requires the construction of shelters in multi-storey residential buildings. We hope that the developers will faithfully comply with this new norm, taking care of the safety of residents.

And what about private housing, one-story and two-story buildings, located outside the cities, where people can go down to the subway, underground parking, etc. during an alarm?

Ukrainians are interested in arranging a bomb shelter in a private house, even by themselves. The popular requests are how to arrange a bomb shelter in a basement, how to make it fortified and able to withstand a missile strike or bombing, how to provide shelter for the whole family for a long time.

Basic rules for arranging a bomb shelter/shelter at home

Private estates in the village or small town usually have cellars . With minor modifications, the cellar can be used as a temporary shelter, and this is good news.

If you decide to equip a bomb shelter in the basement of your private house, or convert a separate cellar that you have in your yard into a shelter, then there are several basic points that must be implemented:

  • air
  • water
  • two exits.

Now on each item in detail.

Access of fresh air to the bomb shelter should be ensured by ventilation. An exhaust pipe with a hood, as it is traditionally made in cellars, is quite a sufficient option. There is no need to install an electric fan, because the ventilation should provide people with air even during power outages.

It is good to have a source of drinking water in the shelter. Ideally, access to a well with a manual pump. If this is not possible, store a sufficient supply of drinking water for several days in a closed container in the basement and monitor the expiry date.

The bomb shelter in the basement should have two separate exits at opposite ends of it. This is in case of blockages – if one of the exits collapses, you can use the second one.

These are the basic requirements for a bomb shelter in a private house. We can add a number of useful tips: in addition to water, take care of food supplies. Canned food, dry products for long-term storage will come in handy. It is also worth keeping a shovel with a short handle in the cellar: in the event of a blockage, you will need a shovel to dig out.

If you have a cellar dug in the ground which does not have reinforced brick or concrete walls, then at least the walls on the sides of the stairs should be securely reinforced with strong wooden boards, so that the structure does not collapse and block the exit at the slightest damage from projectiles.

Another life hack: if there is a hatch leading to the bomb shelter from the ground floor of the house, it should open inside the shelter, not outside. Otherwise if the hatch is covered with fragments of brick, stone, building materials, it will be impossible to open it.

Things to avoid in a bomb shelter are dangerous sharp objects that can cause injury in the event of a collapse.

How to build a bunker

All of the above related to a fairly simple version of a bomb shelter in a private house. A bunker is a much more fundamental building, which provides reinforced concrete walls, ceilings and stairs down. All facilities and furniture needed: beds, benches, a toilet and a shower, food cooking facilities. Bunkers must have water supply and sewage, and an autonomous source of electricity.

To build a bunker, a blueprint is needed. You can buy a ready-made typical project of a bomb shelter, or order an individual one.

If your private house is located in a cottage town, you can team up with your neighbors, buy a one-for-all shelter project, or even build one bomb shelter for several families.

Take care of the safety of your family, and it is better that you never have to use the bomb shelter for its intended purpose. But one should hope for the best and prepare for the worst, as folk wisdom says.

House by the water: why this housing option is so attractive

Buying a house near the water is the cherished dream of many people. The presence of natural reservoirs plays a special role in choosing a location for building or buying a home for a family.

Since Kyiv is located on the banks of the Dnieper, the most popular plots of land for residential development are those that have access to the water. Let it be the bay of the Dnieper or a picturesque lake, of which there are many in the vicinity of the capital of Ukraine.

Fresh water attracts like a magnet.

So, what are the pleasant bonuses for those who have decided to buy or rent a house near the water?


Contemplation of the calm water surface of a lake or a river bay surprisingly pacifies, calms the nerves, and sets you up for relaxation. After a tiring day at work, there is nothing more pleasant than watching the sunset on the water horizon.

The amazing beauty of landscapes can capture both the camera and human memory. In summer, winter, in the off-season, the image of a lake or river changes and each season gives a special mood. Unlike city streets, whose gray asphalt and concrete walls of houses are monotonously boring all year round.


A lake or a river near the house contributes to the formation of a milder microclimate: the air is not too dry (it is also good for the skin!), temperature changes are not so contrasting in any season of the year.

On hot days, the demand for “rent a house near the water” in Kyiv increases exponentially. On the banks of the Dnieper or even a small lake, it is much easier to breathe in the heat and stuffiness. This is especially important for the elderly and people with cardiovascular problems.

Water way

Very few lucky house owners near Kyiv have a chance to use river transport. You can get to Zoloche cottage town by your own boat or yacht. Here, on the banks of the Dnieper Bay, there are equipped berths and a luxurious yacht club with security and infrastructure. If you don’t have your own water transport, a special Zoloche water taxi is at the service of  cottage town residents. You can reach the right bank of Kyiv by boat  in just 15 minutes, without a stuffy traffic jam, but in the fresh river air. This is worth a lot, especially if you are a marine person at heart, and the water element gives you energy, joy and a sense of fullness of life.

So if you want to buy or rent a house on the banks of the Dnieper, visit the cottage town Zoloche and appreciate all the pros and cons of housing near the water.

Beach within walking distance

Sure, you can buy a house with a swimming pool, there are many similar offers near Kyiv. But a pool and a lake are not the same thing. Some people basically like to relax on a sandy beach, surrounded by nature, wild ducks, and willows above the water. And swim in a natural body of water, not in a chlorinated pool water. And there’s nothing to say about fishing: the pleasure of sitting in silence with a fishing rod a few steps from your own home (even if you don’t catch anything) is for special gourmets who taste life.

In Zoloche, both pleasures are available everywhere: even if the promenade is not visible from the window, then only a two or three minute walk will be the beach. It’s easy to find a cozy place for fishing even on the shores of the Dnieper Bay, even along the shores of the winding lake Zoloche.

Renting a house on the water is a luxury option available in Zoloche

You can rent a house on the water near Kyiv for the summer at Riviera Zoloche Resort & SPA.

This is an absolutely ideal accommodation for romantics, for people who know how to appreciate the little joys of life, who love to contemplate sunrises and sunsets over the water surface.

A special charm to a comfortable furnished house on the water is given by the breath of the river, the soft rustle of water, a barely noticeable sway. In addition, the entire infrastructure of the Zoloche cottage town is nearby: a pier, a restaurant and a spa complex with a swimming pool, a shopping center and other amenities necessary for life. Everything is guarded, safe and civilized.

In the warm season, many residents of Kyiv tend to get away from the city noise, dust, hot asphalt and spend hot days in the bosom of nature. The best solution is to rent a house right on the water, or on the shore. There is always a suitable rental option in Zoloche.

Where to buy a finished house near the water near Kyiv?

The new residential area Riviera Zoloche DeLuxe is actually located on a peninsula, the bay of the Dnieper with high fountains is visible from almost every house. The perfect combination of modern design and comfort with the luxury of staying by the water.

Real estate market of Ukraine during the war

Ukrainians are gradually getting used to the idea that the war with Russia is taking a long time and they have to live in completely new realities. Many have realized that there will be no return to the way of life “before February 24, 2022”. Reality has changed dramatically, and these changes have affected absolutely all spheres of life.

Before the war, many people planned to buy a home, an apartment or country house. People have invested in housing construction or chosen ready-made options in the primary or secondary real estate market, depending on their own financial capabilities, needs and desires of the family or individuals.

The tragic shock that Ukraine experienced on February 24, 2022, instantly halted a significant part of the economy. The state immediately closed the real estate register for security reasons, making it impossible to buy or sell any housing or non-residential buildings.

Awareness of the duration of hostilities is gradually forcing people to take matters into their own hands and look for ways to survive and think about the future after the Victory.

The economy withstands critical burdens and irreparable losses during the war, not to mention human losses, this is an extremely painful issue. We no longer hope for the same level of earnings and general standard of living as before the war. But we must continue to raise children, improve our lives. Including construction, purchase of housing, opening a new business or adapting an existing business to new conditions.

What changes in the primary and secondary real estate market are typical for Ukraine during the war?

The real estate market of Ukraine during the war is not yet fully operational, but we are already seeing some movements in the market: gradually rising the demand for rental housing, including rental homes outside the city, around Kiev in particular. Living outside the metropolis is an additional factor of survival: it is known that in terms of the probability of enemy attacks, rural and suburban areas are much safer. There are no large crowds of targets for enemy attacks, no important infrastructure. The dispersion of buildings is an additional security factor.

Resuming housing construction in safe regions of Ukraine is an important step towards economic recovery.

Realtors, developers, owners of secondary housing are waiting for the opening of the real estate register in the territories controlled by the Ukrainian state.

The expectation of launching mortgage programs adds optimism to Ukrainians who expect to buy an apartment or house on credit at low interest rates (at the level of 3-5% in UAH).

National and international housing reconstruction programs for those who lost their property as a result of the war will help revive the construction market. These are jobs, employment, taxes and turnover in the country’s economy.

What will be the prices for country houses after the war?

Infrastructural losses of the country have already caused the rise in price of construction materials and works. Rising fuel prices are just one of the many factors that affect all prices.

There is an intention to oblige developers to equip all new buildings with bomb shelters. This is a vital necessity, but such structural improvements will also affect the cost per square meter of housing.

Obviously, the demand for certain types of housing will change. An apartment or a house for a family will be in trend. Reputable developers understand the future needs of Ukrainians and focus on building compact, comfortable family housing using energy-saving technologies: rising energy prices make people think about future utility bills at the stage of buying or investing in housing construction, even if the family income is stable now.

Given the current trends and realities of wartime, the company “Official Developer” sells ready-made houses for interior decoration just 15 minutes drive from Kiev, in a comfortable and modern residential area Zoloche Vezuviy. The format of a country house with an area of ​​180 square meters with a land plot of 8 acres is the best solution for families with children who want to settle in a suburban area near the capital of Ukraine with all the conditions for a comfortable quiet life for many years.