Sports and beauty service

The quality of life is the ability to regularly engage in sports, fitness, have access to sports infrastructure, spa services and beauty salons within a few minutes walk from your home.

Everything you need for beauty and health you can find in Zoloche

  • Riviera Zoloche Resort and SPA offers a spa area, a fitness room, children's and adult pools.
  • Riviera Zoloche has 2 paddle tennis courts and a skateboarding ramp.
  • The promenade is a great place for a 1150m jog.
  • Zoloche Vezuviy has a communal swimming pool and a private beach on the lake.
  • Riviera Zoloche DeLuxe has an outdoor swimming pool on a pontoon in the bay for residents of the block and outdoor exercise equipment.
  • Everywhere on the territory of Zoloche there are street sports equipment, jogging paths. Fresh country air makes outdoor activities especially beneficial for health.
  • Rangers Park has everything for outdoor activities for children and adults: a skypark, trolls across the lake, a football field, you can practice archery or kayaking.
  • Zoloche is adjoined by the Wish Family Space complex with a large gym, spa area, saunas and baths, massage, cosmetology, a restaurant and a beach club.