Modern house design: trends in Ukraine

Before planning the construction of our own house, or when intending to buy a ready-made house, we are usually interested in house design. Looking for ready-made designs on the Internet we choose one which meets the needs of our own family. Other people’s experience, the best improvements will help to determine the requirements for future housing, because a home is not clothes or shoes: it will not work to throw it away and buy a new one, and rebuilding is expensive and difficult. It is better to develop clear requirements and formulate your needs, dreams, aspirations and find optimal solutions.

What projects of private cottages do Ukrainians prefer nowdays? We analyzed people’s preferences and identified 4 points that people pay attention to when choosing a home design for development or when buying a ready-made house.

Typical requirements for a modern private house design


All premises must be such that they are actually used by the family. The construction of multi-story palaces with meaningless towers and empty halls is no longer in trend. Around Kyiv, you can see many 3-4 story buildings, the upper floors of which the owners have not climbed for years. Currently, practical one- and two-story houses are in demand, for example, such a house design with an area of ​​slightly more than 200 m² with 2 bedrooms, where there is everything necessary for a comfortable life and there are no extravagances. The optimal size of the land plot is 8-12 acres, that is the area sufficient for a private residence.

Energy saving

Modern building materials allow to build in such a way that the owners do not have to spend huge amounts on house heating. Insulated walls and roofs do not heat the environment, and energy-saving windows guarantee that the house is warm in winter and the heat will not be lost through the windows. Two-chamber double-glazed windows with a “warm frame” have lower thermal conductivity and a reduced risk of condensation.


This is about the adaptability of house interaction with inhabitants. In other words, it is about the convenience of the house in everyday life. The location of kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living rooms, transitions, corridors, stairs, utility rooms should be such as to create maximum comfort for everyone: for small, adult and elderly residents of the house. To be ergonomic, the appropriate properties must be specified at the stage of the house design. It is worth reviewing a number of successful projects, add your own life experience and preferences and clearly defining what a comfortable home is exactly in your understanding. We recomend to visit several ready-made houses for sale in order to “try on” one or another home design.

Modern style design

Beauty and style is an important part of a comfortable life as all the points listed above. Ukrainians have long been accustomed to decorate their homes as nicely as possible. Once these were freshly whitewashed country houses and elegant estates. Currently, suburban buildings abound in a variety of styles, but residential neighborhoods united by a single architectural style as in Zoloche cottage town look most harmonious. This creates image, mood, spirit and allows us to avoid chaos and disproportions. In Zoloche Vesuvius and RZ DeLuxe residential areas various building designs are united into a single architectural ensemble with a common style of facades and roofs, fences and landscaping.

Everyone feels more comfortable and calm In a harmonious space. It helps relieve stress and relax. We need comfort, a sense of security and privacy at home. Choose a house design thoroughly and carefully. Every Ukrainian family deserves the best sweet home, at last.