Riviera Zoloche DeLuxe

The new quarter, located on a picturesque peninsula in the middle of the Dnieper waves, impresses with a combination of modern architecture with the incredible beauty of nature

Riviera Zoloche DeLuxe Riviera Zoloche DeLuxe

Made with care for people

Private beach, outdoor pool on the pontoon, park cafe, open-air gym are located on the shores of the Dnieper Bay with high fountains on the water - all for leisure, family recreation, comfortable daily life in harmony with nature.

From the Riviera Zoloche DeLuxe, you can walk through the water rental area to the RZ Resort & Spa, which features the Zafferano Restaurant, a fitness room, a beauty studio and a SPA.

Water, land and air routes lead to RZ DeLuxe

The Riviera Zoloche DeLuxe can be reached not only by car, but also by your own yacht or helicopter: there is a yacht club and a helipad - all under reliable protection on land and from water.

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The latest technology, modern architecture, perfect design of the RZ DeLuxe quarter

Monolithic frame cottages with flat roofs are built on the latest technology. Foundations from monolithic plates with warming, walls from a ceramic brick 2NF, a waterproofing of roofs - a PVC membrane made in Sweden. Reynaers multifunctional sliding panoramic windows. Ventilated facades are built using HPL and composite panels. Glass automatic garage doors have a stylish design and a high degree reliability.

Each cottage is sold fully finished from the outside, with a landscaped plot of land from 12 to 17 acres with a smart irrigation system and a barbecue area on the terrace. Stairs and sidewalks are paved with natural granite.

Areas of Riviera Zoloche DeLuxe are separated only by transparent partitions and high fences that do not obstruct the view and give a fantastic feeling of space and freedom.

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