House by the water: why this housing option is so attractive

Buying a house near the water is the cherished dream of many people. The presence of natural reservoirs plays a special role in choosing a location for building or buying a home for a family.

Since Kyiv is located on the banks of the Dnieper, the most popular plots of land for residential development are those that have access to the water. Let it be the bay of the Dnieper or a picturesque lake, of which there are many in the vicinity of the capital of Ukraine.

Fresh water attracts like a magnet.

So, what are the pleasant bonuses for those who have decided to buy or rent a house near the water?


Contemplation of the calm water surface of a lake or a river bay surprisingly pacifies, calms the nerves, and sets you up for relaxation. After a tiring day at work, there is nothing more pleasant than watching the sunset on the water horizon.

The amazing beauty of landscapes can capture both the camera and human memory. In summer, winter, in the off-season, the image of a lake or river changes and each season gives a special mood. Unlike city streets, whose gray asphalt and concrete walls of houses are monotonously boring all year round.


A lake or a river near the house contributes to the formation of a milder microclimate: the air is not too dry (it is also good for the skin!), temperature changes are not so contrasting in any season of the year.

On hot days, the demand for “rent a house near the water” in Kyiv increases exponentially. On the banks of the Dnieper or even a small lake, it is much easier to breathe in the heat and stuffiness. This is especially important for the elderly and people with cardiovascular problems.

Water way

Very few lucky house owners near Kyiv have a chance to use river transport. You can get to Zoloche cottage town by your own boat or yacht. Here, on the banks of the Dnieper Bay, there are equipped berths and a luxurious yacht club with security and infrastructure. If you don’t have your own water transport, a special Zoloche water taxi is at the service of  cottage town residents. You can reach the right bank of Kyiv by boat  in just 15 minutes, without a stuffy traffic jam, but in the fresh river air. This is worth a lot, especially if you are a marine person at heart, and the water element gives you energy, joy and a sense of fullness of life.

So if you want to buy or rent a house on the banks of the Dnieper, visit the cottage town Zoloche and appreciate all the pros and cons of housing near the water.

Beach within walking distance

Sure, you can buy a house with a swimming pool, there are many similar offers near Kyiv. But a pool and a lake are not the same thing. Some people basically like to relax on a sandy beach, surrounded by nature, wild ducks, and willows above the water. And swim in a natural body of water, not in a chlorinated pool water. And there’s nothing to say about fishing: the pleasure of sitting in silence with a fishing rod a few steps from your own home (even if you don’t catch anything) is for special gourmets who taste life.

In Zoloche, both pleasures are available everywhere: even if the promenade is not visible from the window, then only a two or three minute walk will be the beach. It’s easy to find a cozy place for fishing even on the shores of the Dnieper Bay, even along the shores of the winding lake Zoloche.

Renting a house on the water is a luxury option available in Zoloche

You can rent a house on the water near Kyiv for the summer at Riviera Zoloche Resort & SPA.

This is an absolutely ideal accommodation for romantics, for people who know how to appreciate the little joys of life, who love to contemplate sunrises and sunsets over the water surface.

A special charm to a comfortable furnished house on the water is given by the breath of the river, the soft rustle of water, a barely noticeable sway. In addition, the entire infrastructure of the Zoloche cottage town is nearby: a pier, a restaurant and a spa complex with a swimming pool, a shopping center and other amenities necessary for life. Everything is guarded, safe and civilized.

In the warm season, many residents of Kyiv tend to get away from the city noise, dust, hot asphalt and spend hot days in the bosom of nature. The best solution is to rent a house right on the water, or on the shore. There is always a suitable rental option in Zoloche.

Where to buy a finished house near the water near Kyiv?

The new residential area Riviera Zoloche DeLuxe is actually located on a peninsula, the bay of the Dnieper with high fountains is visible from almost every house. The perfect combination of modern design and comfort with the luxury of staying by the water.