Big city or countryside. What it more comfortable for a family with children to live?

Actually, this is not a secondary question. Modern realities force us to think about security, livelihood, autonomous life of the family in energy crisis conditions.

A country house has many opportunities that are not available in a city apartment: build your own bomb shelter, connect a gasoline generator in case of power outages, heat the house with a wood stove, install a solid fuel boiler and not depend on gas supply. That is, to provide your family with the necessary comfort under any conditions.

The ecological aspect is also very important in view of the healthy conditions for the new generation’s growth. It’s no secret that it is better and healthier to breath fresh air (both for children and adults)than automotive exhaust gas and the city smog. Some children have medical indications to avoid the bad ecology of the metropolis.

Silence outside the window at night, birdsong in the morning is much better for normal rest and recovery than constant noise from cars, loud sounds of the city in the middle of the night. Some older people are particularly sensitive to such stimuli and the lack of normal sleeping conditions has a very negative effect on health. This problem is becoming more and more relevant for Kyiv every year due to the high density of buildings and the increase in traffic flows.

From cradle to adulthood

For a family with little children, staying outside the city is an ideal situation, without a doubt. Especially if the issues of medical care are settled, and a pediatrician is available at any time if necessary. The little one grows up in the fresh air, spending a lot of time outdoors, and not in the middle of concrete skyscrapers.

But when the time comes to send children to school, questions arise: parents are looking for better options, the nearest village school does not always meet the needs and requests of the family regarding the education quality. It is very difficult to take a child to school 10-20 kilometers every day: both schoolchildren and parents get tired.

This issue is resolved In the cottage town of Zoloche. Zoloche International School with a kindergarten is a high-standard European educational institution that provides all opportunities for a child from 3 years of age to secondary school age. All extracurricular clubs are also here, parents and children choose what to do: sports, music, hobbies.
In the summer vacation time, a fun and noisy children’s camp is located in a picturesque park in the middle of a cottage town.

So there is no need to travel often outside Zoloche! The developer took care of all residents’ needs at the stage of designing and construction and created a developed infrastructure according to the best European standards. Shops, restaurants, cafes, a fitness club, a spa, a beauty salon are also here. As well as access to postal, banking, and medical services.

My home is my fortress

The issue of housing security is among the top priorities.Closed guarded residential area is a big advantage for private housing. Only in such conditions can you rest assured that your children are safe when they walk outside or leave school. And the house is constantly under guard when you are at work or on vacation. Zoloche security service patrols the streets of the town 24/7, and security points are located at all entrances, so unauthorized entry of criminals can be avoided.

A family nest is an eternal dream and an urgent need

Ukrainians who want to live happily in their free and independent country increasingly come to the conclusion that the family should be large, with many children, and each child should grow up in love and prosperity. Every kid must have enough personal space, see the beauty around him, have a territory to play and to study. And the most important thing is communication, family, love, native home. Simple and eternal values, traditions that are learned from an early age.

A family home where several generations from the youngest to the oldest live, should be cozy and reliable, comfortable and modern, safe and spacious at the same time. This is a completely different atmosphere than in a city apartment, a different quality of life. Choose the best for your family, because you are worth it!