Comfortable life in your own house on the shore of Zoloche lake

For everyday needs

Zoloche - 1 and Zoloche - 2 residential areaы have everything the residents need: Jamon mini-market for delicacies, the cozy Fill Up My Cup coffee house, the Wish Family Space private family club and the Boris clinic.

Sandy beach for summer rest near the lake.

For the rising generation

Zoloche International School with a bilingual education system is located in Zoloche-1. The school is attended by children from all areas of the Zoloche cottage town and beyond.

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The residential quarters Zoloche-1 and Zoloche-2 were built back in 2006 on the shores of Zoloche Lake.

Now Zoloche - 1 and Zoloche - 2 are flourishing settlements for happy and wealthy people, for families with children, who strive to live in harmony with nature, in comfortable and cozy houses with all possible amenities.

These are clean, European-style comfortable streets, green parks with flowerbeds and fountains, original landscape design. Each house in has its own unique image, and together they create a single harmonious space, comfortable for life.

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