Riviera Zoloche

Unique modern residential area near the water

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Leisure, recreation, sports

Fantastic views of the Dnieper Bay from the well-maintained promenade with walking and running tracks.

Private beach, outdoor pool, colorful playground, skateboarding area and 2 paddle courts within minutes home, right on the waterfront.

Transport solutions

Riviera Zoloche residents can use cars, boats and air transport. Here is a yacht club, a helipad under 24-hour security.

55 houses
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Perfect residential area - a precious pearl on the banks of the Dnieper, everything is permeated with an incredible atmosphere of peace and freedom

44 cozy two-storey cottages with an area of ​​170 to 380 m2 are built according to the latest architectural trends on green areas of 11-18 acres. Hedges of evergreen trees and shrubs have been planted around the perimeter of the block.

Access to social infrastructure: Zoloche City Center, Italian restaurant Zafferano, beauty salon and fitness center — two minutes walk from the apartments.

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Zoloche Riviera


Address: European str. 1, Vyshenky, Boryspil district, Kyiv region

Welcome to Riviera Zoloche